Installation Guide

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Installation can be performed three ways.

Floating, Glue Down (aka. Direct Stick) & Nailed.

Option 1 | Floating Floor

By far the easiest, quickest & cheapest methods of installation.

A suitable method for DIY and professional installers, however limited to plank flooring (Herringbone & Chevron requires glue down).

Acoustic Underlay & PVA Joint Glue is required for a quiet floor underfoot.

You must ensure the subfloor is flat prior to installation.

For more information, download our Floating Floor installation instructions.

Option 2 | Glue Down

Also called ‘Direct Stick’, installation is usually done by professionals or proficient DIY installers.

A higher cost method, however your floor will have less tendency to move and will feel ‘firm’ underfoot.

Special timber flooring adhesive is used which includes a built in moisture barrier (seperate underlay not required).

For more information, download our Glue Down installation instructions.

Option 3 | Nail Down

A less common method of installation.

The nail down method can be used to secure plank floors to a timber subfloor.

A similar firm feel underfoot to Glue Down.

A ‘secret’ nailer shoots a nail into the tongue of the plank to secure it to the subfloor.

Note: often the direct stick (glue down) method will also include secret nailing the timber  for a secure and tight fit as they lay over the adhesive.

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