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3mm Underlay [2in1]

Acoustic & Vapour Barrier


$129 per box (1 m2)

20m² Per Roll

2 in 1 underlay that provides excellent acoustic dampening, while protecting your timber from sub-floor moisture.


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2 in 1 underlay to provide excellent sound dampening, while protecting your timber from sub-floor moisture.

The use of 3mm of IXPE high density Cross Linked Polyethlene, ensures maxmium rebound with no deterioration of foam over time and no compression over time.

The thick and highly tear resistant foil, ensures maximum protection against moisture ingress.

IXPE underlay is a premium choice in underlayment.



Beware of inferior ‘EVA’ foam underlays and rubber underlays.

EVA will degrade over time and compress (especially when walked on prior to installation as it does not rebound well). Foam compression and degradation will result in a ‘loud’ floor.

Rubber underlays are marketed as ‘acoustic’, however are rarely soft enough to give sufficient noise dampening.

This underlay is IXPE and has the best balance of longevity and acoustic performance and is recommended by Milton Lane.