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Engineered timber flooring is simply, solid hardwood timber glued over plywood.

It was developed to solve the stability issues that occur naturally in a solid plank of timber and is quickly phasing out solid timber flooring.

100% solid timber planks can expand/contact, twist/cup/dome over time and will result in higher costs of ownership long term with additional maintenance requirements.



Multi-layer solid hardwood sheets are laid 90 degrees to each other to prevent natural movements of timber due to changes in humidity and temperature.

When one sheet naturally moves with changes in the environment, the other sheet above and below fights this movement and prevents cupping/warping and expansion/contraction.

The plywood foundation can be made of various species of tree (usually plantation grown) and using different methods of construction.

The layers of base timber are either, ‘Poplar’, ‘Eucalyptus’ or ‘Birch’.

Birch and Eucalyptus are slower growing, harder timbers which provide the best stability.

Poplar timber is faster growing, hence is cheaper, but has less dimensional stability.



Due to the dramatically improved stability of engineered timber, much wider planks can be produced 

Typical widths are between 190 – 220mm and can even go as wide as an impressive 340mm.

Solid planks are generally produced at widths of only 90 – 120mm.

Engineered timber is also pre-finished and very easy to install.

Traditional ‘unfinished’ timber flooring is installed, sanded, and finally stained. Then sealer is applied on site.

This is a labour intensive, time consuming and an expensive process. All of which involves delays in moving in and calls a halt to other trades while this process is happening.

Engineered timber however is stained and sealed in the factory, so it is ready to go out of the box and ready to walk on.

A 100sqm installation can normally be finished in 1 day (* there is a 12 hour wait for adhesive glue to dry before light traffic can use, 24 hours until normal traffic).

Installation is quite cheap in comparison and can installed by your builder/carpenter or DIY if you have the basics skills.

Milton Lane uses only the thickest solid oak veneers that are sawn (not peeled).

We only use the best hardwoods in the multilayer base (Birch & Eucalyptus).

* Milton Lane does not use inferior poplar timber or 3 layer construction in the base layers (multi-layer is the gold standard).

Veneer Layer:

4mm or 6mm sawn veneers are used that will last up to 100 years (based on each sanding & coating lasting 20 years).

Milton Lane pay a premium for wider timber veneers and supply a 220mm and 300mm plank (190mm is the common width sold in Australia).

Veneers are solid oak from German, Polish and French renewable timber plantations.

The oak trees have been in plantation for a minimum of 20 years and average 30 years of age.

Base Layers:

Typically you will find poplar used in base layers. This is a fast growing ‘hard’wood which is more porous than the Birch and Eucalyptus we use in our foundation layers.

Birch and Eucalyptus are much slower growing, dense hardwoods.

The result is a dimensionally stronger board that can handle moisture much better than poplar.

The glue used to secure the hardwood layers in our engineered timber is ‘Phenol glue’

Phenol glue has an ‘EO’ (E-Zero) emission rating.

This means it emits trace elements of voc’s less than 0.5mg/l which is 66% less than other glues commonly used.


Milton Lane sources only sustainable FSC certified plantation timber from oak plantations in Europe (France, Germany & Poland).

Delivery / Returns

Yes, we are located in Coolum Beach, QLD (Sunshine Coast).

By appointment only, please contact us.

Our timber flooring is delivered on pallets.

The delivery truck is quite large and hence there must be sufficient access & space for this truck to park.

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The delivery driver may assist but do ensure you have 2 people on site to unload from the pallets.

In the event your address has access issues, we can have a ‘last mile’ delivery company deliver your timber from the local depot to your home (usually via a ‘Ute’ / Utility vehicle).

* 100sqm generally takes 15 min to unload if the storage location is close walking distance (ie. driveway to inside the home/garage).

Refer to our delivery table at the link below…


Yourself or a representative (ie. builder) will need to be present to sign the delivery paperwork and ensure the flooring is placed in a safe location out of the weather once delivered.

A delivery date will be organised for you so please confirm your availability with us when placing your order.

Yes, you will receive tracking information once dispatched.

Follow this tracking to ensure there are no notices for you to follow.

Your contact details will also be on the consignment for the courier to call if needed.

Please contact us if there are any freight delays and we will liaise with the courier to rectify.

Insurance covers loss or damage while in transit.

Once delivered, the goods are in your possession and transit insurance no longer providing coverage.

Insurance is optional and can be added as you move through checkout.

Pre-order wait times are dependant on our incoming order schedule.

Please notify us when you need your flooring and we can work with your time frame.

We can store your timber for up to 2 weeks. A storage charge of $50 per pallet, per week will apply after this 2 week storage period.

The above condition does not apply to out of stock items that are on pre-order. 

Please measure accurately to ensure you do not over-order. It is wise to keep timber spare for future use in case of major damage which requires plank replacements.

Administration of return freight and costs involved are the responsibility of the buyer.

There is a 20% restocking fee for returned boxes as we need to perfectly re-package the timber for re-sale.

Boxes must be unopened and timber undamaged. Any transit damage will result in a 50% re-stock fee for that box as we can not re-sell this timber (if you have taken insurance out on the return freight, please contact the delivery company to recoup any losses).


Please refer to the link below for installation instruction & information…



Your builder/installer must reference this detail prior to installation to ensure they follow correct procedure (i.e. expansion space, correct glues, acclimation prior to installation, etc).

Contact us and we can recommend a trusted installer in your local area.

A licensed carpenter or flooring specialist carpenter can install your flooring.

Not all carpenters are experienced installers. Please ensure you ask of their experience with installation of timber flooring when in discussion with them.

If competent, you may also DIY install your flooring (recommended only for plank flooring. Herringbone and Chevron is best reserved for experienced installers and must be glued down, not floated).

Floor Care

Please visit the link below for detailed instruction…


We supply WOCA products and timber mops best suited to maintain your timber.

Please visit our products page to view/purchase these.


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