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T&G PVA Glue (5kg)

Cross-linked PVA | Waterproof | Aus Standard


$99 per box (1 m2)

Used to secure T&G Joints when floating your timber floor.

Supplied with 2 x Squeeze Bottles & Re-fill Funnel.

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Bostik Item Code: 30840604

Use Case:

Used to secure the T&G (Tongue & Groove) joints between planks when floating your timber floor (PVA not required if direct sticking your timber to the subfloor).

Note: This is specialised PVA (crosslinked & waterproof), do not used standard craft PVA to secure your timber as it is not flexible enough and not waterproof.

Product Detail:

AV XL Plus is an excellent adhesive for assembly of Tongue & Groove timber planks. Where high bond strengths, good water/humidity resistance and relatively short clamp times are required.

AV XL Plus is a medium to fast setting, medium solids, single pack, crosslinking PVA emulsion adhesive which develops excellent bond strength, high heat resistance and humidity resistance, without catalyst addition, when dried at normal or elevated temperatures. It produces a clear non staining glue line.


  1. Mix thoroughly before use.
  2. Wood surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry, free of dust, oil, grease and all finishes.
  3. Joints should be close fitting.
  4. The work area, glue and substrate for bonding should be at least 15°C.

Application Instructions:

1. Apply adhesive to groove of plank (length-wise & end groove).

2. Insert into Tongue of previously laid plank.

3. Use blue painters tape across the planks to prevent any creeping of the timber (remove after 5 hours).

4. Allow 24 hours for complete curing of the glue before use of your floor.

5. Any squeeze out of the adhesive from the joint, can be removed with a clean damp cloth.

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